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Re: Fangame Ideas and Concepts Dump Thread
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*Sakuya & Meiling: Scarlet Devil Cravings
Behold the Plot- Remilia becomes tired of the same lackluster meals so she orders her maid and gatekeeper to find new kinds of food for her. So the two team up for a culinary adventure through Gensokyo!

I was thinking it could play something like Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero.  Sakuya is the speed type and (of course) uses her knives, whether it be by slashing or by throwing them. Meiling is the power type and uses chi attacks. There will also be spellcards you can use to defeat multiple enemies. Once you use a spellcard, it will have to recharge before it can be activated once again.

Bosses, of course, are various Touhou characters and defeating them will get you a recipe. For example, the first level is the Hakurei Shrine. Defeating the boss, Reimu Hakurei will earn you "Hakurei Noodles", ramen done Reimu-style. As another example, defeating the boss of Bhava-agra, Tenshi Hinanai will net you "Heaven's Cobbler", a simple but scrumptious peach cobbler.

+There are also two difficulties. "Day" and "Night". Day being Easy and Night being Hard. They vary in enemies, bosses and recipes. For example, the boss of the Palanquin Ship in the Day is Murasa Minamitsu (who rewards you with "Curry Rice"). However, playing the level on the Night difficulty will allow you to face Byakuren Hijiri (who rewards you with "Buddha Bread").

+The levels (plus day/night bosses) are as follows.

Hakurei Shrine (Reimu/Kasen)
Forest of Magic (Sunny Milk, Luna Child, Star Sapphire/Marisa)
Misty Lake (Cirno)
Black Forest (Wriggle/Mystia)
Hakugyokurou (Youmu/Yuyuko)
Bamboo Forest (Tewi/Mokou)
Eientei (Eirin, Reisen/Kaguya)
Youkai Mountain (Nitori/Aya, Hatate)
Moriya Shrine (Sanae, Suwako/Kanako)
Bhava'agra (Tenshi/Iku)
Great Mausoleum (Yoshika/Mamizou)
Palanquin Ship (Murasa/Byakuren)
Gourmet Castle (Gourmet Goddess Mochi)

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However, I ran into a problem - The controls.
The easiest control scheme is WASD, and aim with the mouse. Click and right-click are for normal shots. Keys nearby WASD are for specials, bombs, etc. Takes a bit of getting used to, but it can be worked with. The big problem is that, well, you only get one mouse. How can I go 2-player?

How might I change the controls so that two players could share a keyboard? I've tried using keys to rotate a character's aim, but it's incredibly uncomfortable. Maybe something like Asteroids controls? I don't know, it looks a little inefficient for a battle.
Or should I just force the game to be dependent on online players? I'll take any ideas.

I was concepting a multiplayer game years ago. I realized that the only way to do local multiplayer was to have both on one keyboard. A laptop keyboard is small and cramming two sets of hands is annoying for everyone. So I designed a game hwere one player defends with the mouse and the other attacks using the keyboard. Sure the players have to get up and swap control schemes every round but multiplayer is still smooth.

Here's the game:,7496.msg549290.html#new

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Bumbing old thread...

Some time a go I planned on making a card game inspired by NoNet card...
In otherwords,  we would have this simple battle-system where cards HP = attack strenght...

Aya has lost her precious photoalbums and the people of Gensokyo has gone wild from the new card game...
As the cards remind Aya from the photos she have lost,  Aya starts investigating the connection between the cardgame
and the missing photos.

Spoiled version:
Momizi lost Ayas photoalbums, but Yukari Yakumo found them.
As Yukari wanted to teach Aya a lesson about respecting the privacy of others, she invented a simple card game.
Then Yukari went ahead to prepare a card tournament with fabulous prizes for the winner (Ayas photos).

So what is the big idea?
Well, Aya travels around Gensokyo to beat people in card tournaments... After defeating certain boss-figures, more areas,
cards and items become available.
After defeating all bosses, Aya can take Yukaris challenge - defeating Yukari ends the game.
Cards can be obtained from the battles, or bough from certain denizens of Gensokyo.

Gensokyo is divided to different in different areas and those areas are divided to different places...
After obtaining half of the unique cards in one place, you can move to next one. When all places has
been visited - you can face the boss of that area.

After defeating the boss, you can visit her to make her some favors, get rumors, etc... This will
necessary for Extra and completing the game 100%...

Game has three different endings depending on the amount of cards collected...
To get the 100% ending you must complete the Extra.

I dumped this project because I do not have enough skills to make the graphics and most importantly
to make fitting music (game without no sounds or music would be boring).

I you are interested, I can send you more detailed info about this, like how the battles really work,
who are the special characters and their function (e.g. Akyuu saves/loads game but also has a cataloque of
the cards), etc...

On the other hand, maybe I should try to make the battles similar to StB/DS... Instead of cards you can by
clothing and upgrades to Ayas equipment...
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Hm. A game with Mai and Yuki as the playables instead of Reimu and Marisa. It'd be for a neat switch